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Patricia Larzelier

the artist

I first became obsessed with collecting beach glass in the summer of 1995, when walking the beach at Three Tree Point just south of Seattle, Washington.


After about a year of collecting beach glass at every opportunity, I had acquired an impressive collection and felt the need to do something creative with it. I started out with mosaics, but soon discovered I did not have the patience for it, so I switched to creating jewelry. My friends were so encouraging with my initial attempts, that I was soon selling at the Fremont Sunday Market in Seattle. I have continued selling at arts and craft fairs for the past 14 years. (Check out my Events Schedule for upcoming shows.)


Over the years, as the sales of my jewelry has increased, the supply of available beach glass has decreased. Each year there are more beachcombers showing up on the beaches that I rely on for my supply, so finding enough beach glass is becoming more of a challenge. I'm always working on a strategy to be the first one on the beach. I go out at times when it's cold, wet and windy, when most reasonable people would be staying indoors.



Patricia Larzelier
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