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Patricia Larzelier


After returning from a day of beachcombing, the first thing I do to prepare the beach glass is to process it in a rock tumbler for a few days. The tumbling refines the finish of the glass and enhances the color. It takes years for nature to sculpt the beautiful rounded shapes that I have selected for jewelry, so if they are chipped or broken to start with, the tumbling will not fix them.


Next comes the sorting process into color, size and shapes. In order to find two matching pairs for earrings, it takes hundreds of pieces of glass of the same category. If one looks closely, no two pieces of glass in a pair of earrings will be exactly the same. There will also be imperfections. Glass, fresh off the beach, has a rough quality, termed pitting. the tumbling does not remove all of it.


The most frequently asked question about my jewelry is: Do I cut and shape the glass? Answer: Definitely not. The next question is: How do I get them so closely matched? Answer: Endless hours of sorting through hundreds of pieces of glass.


After the sorting the fun begins, as I am now ready to design the findings to complement the shape and size of the glass. Usually I drill holes in the glass, but sometimes I drill tiny little grooves in the glass for a wire wrapped technique. The findings are forged from sterling and 14K gold-filled wire. As sterling is more popular, I have a larger variety of designs in sterling.



Patricia Larzelier
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